If you would like to volunteer your help in administrative or production assistance
(publicity, stage management, providing meals or receptions, ushering, etc.)
please fill out the form below.

You may also contact us at:

Email:  mail@collegiumwestchester.org
Tel:  914.282.8611

Collegium Westchester
34 South Highland Ave.
Ossining, NY  10562

Collegium Westchester is always looking for volunteers to improve its efficiency in the following areas:

Personnel management: Work with music director to line up chorus and orchestra for each concert and distribute music.  This requires a good deal of time, effort and thought.

Publicity work: Maintain a list of publicity outlets, and submit and followup on press releases and calendar listings.  This requires only moderate time, effort and thought.

Production management: Confirm rehearsal and performance space availability; make sure we have enough parking space, chairs and other equipment; line up technical staff, hospitality staff, and ushers for rehearsals and performance.  This requires only moderate time and effort, but great responsibility to see that it is done on time.

Stage technicians: Handle setup and striking of risers, chairs, lamps, etc. on stage during orchestra rehearsals and performance; be on hand during rehearsal to take care of technical details that may arise.  This requires committing only to work on one or two days per concert, with some physical lifting (mostly light, but several heavy objects need to be moved the production team).  Despite the title, it does not require any significant technical knowledge.

Ushers: Welcome and guide audience members.  This only requires presence from 35 minutes before the start of a concert until about 15 minutes after the end of a concert.

Development work: Maintain relationships with current and potential donors; research and apply for appropriate grants.  This offers great flexibility in the amount of time and effort invested.

At present we do not have the finances to pay for these positions: We use virtually all our limited financial resources to pay minimal fees to our fully professional performers. If we grow enough, there may someday come a time when we can pay for some of these administrative positions. Meanwhile the reward is the satisfaction of supporting our mission and moving us to a higher level.