Board & Personnel


Personnel and Production: Gary Betsworth, Mary Peck, Magda du Preez, Lillian Redl
Publicity: Mary Peck, Catherine Ray, Katherine Saenger
Development: Gary Betsworth, Magda du Preez, Lillian Redl, Katherine Saenger
Advertising: Duna Fullerton

Production Staff

Stage Technicians: Gary Betsworth, Patrick and Zachary Betsworth, Tom Clemmens, Amy Coppe, Andrew Eaddy, Timothy Gregg, Rob Holmes, Barbara Simms Hudock, Whitney Kyle, Mark Longaker, Eric Paul Nolte, Magda du Preez, Lillian Redl, Katherine Saenger

Ushers:  Susan Betsworth, Lynda Clements, Duna Fullerton, Mark Longaker, Tamara Nieman-Moses, Mary Peck, Catherine Ray, Natasha Restivo, Katherine Saenger, Christine Scott-Deutsch, Barbara Simms Hudock, Robert Willemann

Hospitality Staff: K. Suresh Aiyar, Patrick and Zachary Betsworth, Lisa Clemmens, Tom Clemmens, Andrew Eaddy, Duna Fullerton, Whitney Kyle

Recording Engineers: Gary Betsworth, Erik Paul Nolte, David Restivo, Erik Thielking

Photography: Tom Clemmens, Heather Gardner, Mark Longaker, Lillian Redl

Banner: Catherine Ray, Robert Willemann


Gary Betsworth
Magda du Preez
Eric Kramer
Carolyn Ramsey
Lillian Redl
David Restivo
Katherine Saenger